Principles & Priorities

During each regular session, thousands of bills are introduced in the Florida House of Representatives. As a practical matter, I can’t present voters with a comprehensive list of policy proposals, but I can tell you how I will make decisions about bills to vote for or to co-sponsor. I’m willing to support bills that:

Focus on the Future, Not the Past.

Education and the preservation of the natural and historical wealth of our great State are basic parts of government’s job. If we’re not willing to ensure that our kids enjoy real opportunities in a livable natural and economic environment, we should just shut Tallahassee down now.

Help the Needy, not the Greedy.

Our wealthy residents have benefitted from decades of subsidies and free rides at the cost of the other 99% of Floridians. I’m going to be skeptical of claims that we must do more for the mansions and megayachts crowd as long as millions of Floridians go without educational opportunities, shelter, food, or medical care on a regular basis.

Include, Not Exclude.

As a State, we’re going to do better the more Floridians are included in our economy, culture, and society. We face real challenges in the years ahead and can’t afford to leave players off the field. I oppose measures to exclude people from public life for reasons of religion, class, national origin, race, sexuality, or gender. These efforts are going in the wrong direction. 

Make Real Change, not Publicity Stunts.

So many legislators have become professional pundits with a side gig in public office. This makes no sense to me. I will support legislation that can attract public support and can actually help fix the State’s problems. “Being caught trying” is entertainment, not government, and it’s not what I’m running to do.

Focus on Tangible Results, not Culture War Nonsense.
I can’t repeat this enough: It’s not Tallahassee’s job to tell you how to live your life or how to raise your kids. If we abandon a commitment to the real and the necessary in the fruitless search of religious or political purity, we’re wasting your time and money, and you should fire us.